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Travel Program Optimisation

Reviewing your companies travel program, especially from an end-employee perspective and experience, it’s important to take into consideration how to best drive and guide employee behaviours in terms of policy whilst still ensuring the employee experience isn’t unnecessarily complicated.

Talk to Let’s Get Consulting about what is working well for you currently and where amendments can assist in ensuring greater results that can complement your desired outcomes on increasing online adoption.

An increase in online adoption assists in driving policy compliance, financial benefits whilst still ensuring company objectives and goals are being considered.


As part of your company’s sustainability program and commitment to reduce your global footprint on the planet from a CO2 emissions perspective, the Concur Travel platform has been further enhanced to make greener options available for your employees to utilise.

We encourage and empower your employees to make informed and sustainable decisions when booking business travel and will be providing future communications as to how your company is making a difference and positive impact regarding your carbon footprint.

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Concur Travel - Implementation Management

The key to implementing a successful online booking solution such as Concur Travel is ensuring you challenge your company’s current behaviours and requirements as opposed to replicating what might be a pain point from a company and employee perspective.

As part of a Concur Travel implementation, your assigned
Let’s Get Consulting Project Manager will review current company requirements predominantly around Travel policy and reporting needs and challenge you to explore alternate options.

This approach assists in ensuring the employee experience is not unnecessarily complicated which in turn assists in increasing online adoption resulting in reduced overall Travel spend and driving positive employee behaviours.

The key to success in implementing an online booking solution such as Concur Travel is finding the balance between company policy requirements and employee experience.

Concur Travel - Administration Training

Administration responsibilities can be cumbersome if not completely understanding the basics and knowing where and how you can best support your companies travel requirements and employee support needs.

In this 2-hour session, your Let’s Get Consultant will host a session on all things Concur Travel Administration concentrating heavily on common tasks to be performed by your company administrator.

Understanding how and where to resolve any items that may arise within your Concur Travel configuration or as part of your employees support requirements will result in faster resolutions to most items encountered.

The session will also provide some common support scenarios and how best to investigate and ultimately resolve in a timely manner with minimal assistance from Concur Travel support.

A follow up list of key areas covered will also be shared post administration session.

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Concur Travel - End User Training

If you’re considering training on Concur Travel for your employees, you’ve already made the decision to implement a cost and time saving solution for your company.

The next step in your online travel booking journey is to educate employees on how to efficiently use the tools made available to them.

During the 2.5-hour Concur Travel User training session/s for your employees, they’ll learn more about your company’s travel polices, updating profile preferences and intuitively navigating through a booking trip.

Talk to Let’s Get Consulting about how training can benefit your employees, assist in driving travel policy compliance, and increase your online adoption goals.

An increase in online adoption assists in realising financial benefits whilst still ensuring company objectives and goals are being considered.

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