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With around 35 years combined experience in the travel industry specialising in online booking solutions, we’ve progressively adapted how we assist clients in the ever-evolving corporate travel landscape.

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At Let’s Get Consulting, we partner with your business to provide comprehensive solutions, implementation management, and support services.

Travel Program Optimisation


Concur Travel - Implementation Management

Concur Travel - Administration Training

Concur Travel - End User Training

Our Approach


01. Needs Assessment

Work closely with clients to identify requirements and address any pain points.


02. Discover & Learn

Review your current booking patterns and educate on how best to incorporate into your requirements.

03. Implementation

Guide you through applying requirements factoring in your TMC, corporate discounts, reporting needs, sustainability and employee experience.

04. Review and Evaluate

Test solutions applied and fine tune in order to get the best outcomes possible once deployed.

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