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With around 35 years combined experience in the travel industry specialising in online booking solutions, we’ve progressively adapted how we assist clients in the ever-evolving corporate travel landscape.

Having worked in collaboration with companies of all sizes be it smaller independent businesses to multi-national corporations, our Let’s Get Consultants will ensure the services delivered are tailored to your companies unique requirements.

Being able to work closely with clients to not only meet company policy requirements but also provide valuable guidance and suggestions on topics such as Sustainability, Travel Vendor Behaviours and Employee Experience is where we can assist in recognising overall return on investment from a business travel perspective.

Working in collaboration with clients to address travel pain points and explore alternate options to streamline the employee experience whilst maintaining company policy and driving compliance is where we’ll provide a wealth of knowledge to set you up for positive outcomes.

Glen Jeffery

Glen Jeffery

Jolly Hanjabam

Jolly Hanjabam

How We Work

Working in partnership with clients we explore and guide solutions that result in positive outcomes and sets clients up for future growth via having an understanding of how their business travel patterns can be best incorporated into solutions to be applied and implemented.

As all companies have different business travel requirements and processes, we ensure the consulting we provide is tailored to the client and this is identified during initial discussions and subsequent scoping sessions as well as ongoing discussions during our collaborations together. 

Working alongside clients in partnership to evaluate current practices be it minimal, new, or advanced, and addressing company and employee pain points assists in getting the initial requirements via scoping sessions. 

During scoping sessions with the client, we also look at the bigger picture such as employee experience, policy and reporting requirements, sustainability, corporate discounts and streamlining processes with a view of achieving an optimal employee experience that aids in increasing overall travel adoption results (as well as when utilising an online booking solution).

How We Contribute

At Let’s Get Consulting, we are committed to playing our part in making a sustainable difference to the planet. As part of any services implemented for our clients, we will donate 10 trees to be planted via the Carbon Positive Australia program.

Planting trees benefits

For millions of years trees have been critical in maintaining safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide on our planet. Trees are a source of breathable oxygen and play a vital role in addressing climate change. They filter air, sequester carbon, provide oxygen, conserve soil and water, prevent desertification, and protect and stabilise ground cover.

In Australia, native trees assist in making our agricultural areas more sustainable – preventing salinity and soil erosion, and providing shade, shelter, food, and habitat to native animals. They provide a source of timber for fuel, wood, food, fodder, essential oils, gums, resins, latex, medicines and shade. In other words, the value of trees can’t be understated!

Trees Planted

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